You’d Have To Be Legit Insane To Buy This $9,000 iPhone Made With Steve Jobs’ Turtleneck

Steve Jobs 2010 black turtleneck sweater

Getty Image / Justin Sullivan

The year was 2010. Steve Jobs was wearing his iconic black turtleneck sweater when he stepped out onto the stage to introduce the world to the iPhone 4. It’s an iconic image. And now you can own a tiny piece of that sweater locked inside of an overpriced iPhone.

Caviar is selling an ‘iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold’ for $8,910. Only 10 of these are made. And on the back of each one of these iPhones, there’s a tiny square of Steve’s iconic turtleneck sweater embedded into the custom case of the iPhone.

The body of the phone is made from hardened blackened titanium and the engravings are done in the iPhone 4 style, and the Apple logo in the center of the phone is made of pure gold. Caviar seems very excited about this custom release:

In 2010, Steve Jobs showed the world the iPhone 4. This was his last presentation. In honor of this event, Caviar jewelers have created an exclusive design for the iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold phone.
The laconic design of the phone consists of a case made of blackened titanium and engraved with the original signature of Steve Jobs. The key element of the customized version of the iPhone 12 Pro is a piece of Jobs’ original famous turtleneck. The fragment is embedded in the famous bitten apple, crafted from 750 gold. You are holding a real luxurious masterpiece and a talisman imbued with the spirit of a great genius!
If you want to experience the greatness and power of the most influential technology corporation in the world, choose iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold.
The limited-edition will consist of 10 pcs.

I’m more than a little bit disturbed by this. I’ve lost family members. I fully understand some people getting custom pieces of jewelry made to remember loved ones. I get that. But buying a $9,000 iPhone with a fragment of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck when you didn’t know him? That’s weird. And I’m not kink-shaming here, that’s just weird behavior to want to buy this. You don’t need this. Nobody needs this. It doesn’t need to exist. How did they even get the turtleneck?!

Also, there are SO SO SO many ways to use $9,000 ($8,910 to be exact) that don’t involve buying an iPhone with a dead guy’s turtleneck sweater embedded in the case. The average price of a first-class plane ticket from the USA to Europe is $3,500, or at least it was at this point a year or two ago. You can make that the down payment on a car. You can buy like SIX horses, actual horses (~$1,500 each) for that much money. Don’t you dare try and tell me that having six horses isn’t better than an iPhone with a dead guy’s sweater in it.

Caviar has some other custom iPhones that look amazing. Buy those. Spend thousands of dollars on those. Don’t buy this. Please. It’s just weird. Like ‘guy who sticks his boogers on the wall and eats them’ weird.