This 351-Foot Concept Yacht Is So Big That You Could Have Sex In A New Room Every Single Day Of Your Vacation

The high-end and ultra-luxurious would of yachting is something most of us regular folk cannot even begin to comprehend. The amenities on these superyachts being built for the world’s wealthiest citizens are so unimaginably extravagant that most people won’t ever see anything like them in a house, hotel, or a restaurant. I guess that’s a roundabout way of me saying that the current slate of superyachts worldwide are nicer than the majority of luxurious homes being built these days.

Case in point of this is the 351-foot ‘Stiletto’ concept superyacht designed by Oceanco Yacht, one of the world’s most exclusive superyacht designers. The Stiletto by Oceanco was actually designed a year or two ago but for whatever reason all of the blogs are just discovering this badass vessel and now I feel like it’s my duty to share this incredible yacht with you bros because I know you love boats as much as I do:

The pool has an incredible waterfall feature (next to the helipad):

The fitness center on this 351-foot ultra-luxurious yacht is nicer than the gym that you spend $50/month to be a member of:

20-foot ceilings with floor-to-ceiling windows. A VIP cabin plus 6 guest cabins which can supposedly accommodate up to 18 total guests:

The cylindrical glass elevator is straight out of Willy Wonka:

Here’s the Oceanco description of the Stiletto:

Most superyachts only utilize the aft deck areas as centers for outside guest activities. However, on STILETTO, a major entertainment area, well sheltered from the elements, has been created on the foredeck. A sumptuous swimming pool with a fun waterfall feature and protective sides offers complete privacy for swimmers and sunbathers. Thus, teenagers could be splashing and enjoying loud music at the pool whilst guests requiring quieter relaxation can be reading aft (or vice versa). The forward area, adjacent to the pool, includes a sizable bar with built in seating that can be used to serve light lunches. STILETTO features a full double height salon, with a central area boasting a grand 6m headroom. A mezzanine balcony allowing integration between decks creates a quite unique feeling of visual space, with panoramic views and long sightlines while a massive skylight aft floods the interior with light. A second spiral staircase that spans three decks gives access to a central bar/pantry on the main deck. On the lower level one finds jet ski storage and an array of gym equipment.

In the specs section the Stiletto is listed at 351-feet long, it can accommodate 18 guests with a crew of THIRTY, and it boasts a helipad for your quick day trips into Monaco and Nice for some light shopping.

For more on this batshit crazy boat you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Oceanco’s website.

[h/t BusinessInsider]

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