Stix Golf Clubs: The Aesthetically Pleasing, Reasonably Priced Full Set Of Clubs For The Casual Golfer

The golf club marketplace is overwhelming. With the sheer volume of club manufacturers and all of them claiming that they’ve discovered the next big tech innovation year after year, purchasing clubs can be more intimidating than actually stepping foot on the golf course and playing. Add the price tags that continue to go up to the situation, and you’re faced with difficult decisions on what clubs to spend your hard-earned money on.

While the big-name brands out there have the top of the market saturated for the more experienced players and those that just have to get their hands on the newest clubs each year, Stix has the market cornered for the casual golfer that wants aesthetically pleasing, better quality clubs that won’t break the bank.


You could spend countless hours online just searching for the driver you want to purchase, and more often than not, the casual golfer is going to gravitate toward the most expensive one on the market because a higher price point has to mean it’s the best option for every player, even for someone that may not even play 10 rounds per year. That same mindset would likely ring true for every other club in the bag, this is where the beauty of Stix truly shines.

The simplicity of the buying experience may just be the most intriguing perk with Stix.

Stix gives you the option to buy sets of 14 clubs ($799), 11 clubs ($649), or nine clubs ($599). Stix features irons and wedges with a diamond like coating finish, offering an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance. The all-black, clean, minimalist look will catch the eye of a scratch golfer to a 27 handicapper. As far as customization goes, you simply select whether you’re right or left-handed, whether you want a regular, a-flex or stiff flex graphite shaft and your height range which could alter the length of each club.

The option to select your height is a massive plus. Taller golfers just getting into the game don’t really have any real options out there to find a full set of clubs catered to them, but Stix checks that box by offering up to 1-inch added for golfers on the taller side. They also offer shorter clubs, so these full sets are also an extremely viable option for any junior golfers or shorter golfers out there looking to get into the game.

Plus, for a slight uptick in price, you can purchase a golf bag to come with your set, which truly makes the whole golf club buying experience a one-click masterpiece.


The full 14-club set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, a 4-hybrid, 5-iron through pitching wedge, a gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge, plus a putter. Stix also offers the option to purchase just iron sets, wedge sets, and single clubs as well.

Other beginner sets on the market stick out like a sore thumb, while Stix are subtle and clean-looking without some obnoxious logo you don’t want your playing partners to notice. The black head, black shaft, and black grips are mean-looking, in a good way, that can offer players confidence standing over the ball, and confidence over the ball usually results in better golf shots, something every golfer on the planet is looking for.

Plus, from a practical and longevity standpoint, the casual golfer is going to want to play these clubs as their game improves. Given the quality and aesthetics alone, your eye isn’t going to be looking for the ‘next-best thing’ at that same price point because you’re already swinging the best-built and best-looking clubs in that market.

Just on looks alone, you can see that this set is a step above the true entry-level sets of golf clubs already out there. These clubs work well as a starter set or can easily fall in the upgrade and game-improvement categories as Stix appeals to a wide range of golfers. Stix offers the same next-level tech and sleek design as the more expensive brands out there, but at an affordable price. Plus, given the ability to buy a full set, there’s no more worrying about buying fewer or more clubs than you need.

So, whether you’re looking for a set of clubs to get into the game, you’re taking your game more seriously, or you’re happy being a casual golfer but want to upgrade to a higher-quality, better-looking set of clubs, Stix checks every single one of those boxes.


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