Never Wait In Line At A Club Again With This App That Lets You Breeze Into The Hottest Clubs In The World

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Do you hate waiting in lines to get into clubs? Of course you do, lines are terrible and they’re even worse at clubs when you know all the fun is going on inside. I bet you also can’t stand haggling with the bouncers at the front door on how much it’ll cost for you and your bros to skip the line and get into the club, because that process sucks gigantic donkey balls when you don’t have chicks in your crew and they try to extort huge sums of money from you.

Uber overtook the taxi industry because the entire taxi system is antiquated, the drivers have no incentive to get better at their jobs, and they were all fine with the status quo. The same holds true for club promoters and bouncers, they’re all shaving money off the top by getting kickbacks for people coming into the club and they have no incentive whatsoever to make the industry better. I say fuck them, we deserve better, and that’s why I’m stoked on The Tableist App.

The Tableist is an app that lets you book tables, VIP, etc at clubs from your phone. You reserve your VIP experience in advance, you don’t have to deal with anyone shaking you down for money at the door, and you have access to the sickest clubs in the world.

U.S. Cities where The Tableist is currently available include Las Vegas, New York City, Miami, Foxwoods, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., and more. This is legit. They also have 24/7 concierge service so if you’re in a new city and don’t know what spots are popping off that night you can sync up with the local concierges for advice.

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