TaylorMade Golf Drops New RSi Irons Featuring Face Slot Technology, Which Makes Your Mis-Hits Less Horrifying

Amateurs mis-hit about 76% of their golf shots.

Are you thinking to yourself, “Bullshit, hotshot, I pure 76% of my golf shots.” I was thinking that too, but apparently that is the case, or at least it is according to TaylorMade Golf. And that exact stat lead them to launch a new technology called Face Slots, which is said to help the 76% of your shots that aren’t perfect be less shitty.

It’s no secret that game improvement irons help amateurs of a certain level. If a 26 handicap is trying to hit blades and putting human lives in danger with their unholy shanks, you can place a lot of blame the equipment. But when that same player is on an unintentionally murderous path with so-called “game improvement” irons, it’s time for him/her to reassess their swing. TaylorMade is not promising to fix your terrible golf swing, but what they are claiming to do is make your mis-hits go closer to the target than they normally would with their new line of RSi irons. And that is what we all want, especially on those days when we left the majority of our talent on the range.

TaylorMade Golf’s RSi irons come in three different models. The RSi 1 for higher handicap players, the RSi 2 for lower handicap players and the RSi TP for those of us who think hitting anything but tour-level irons is beneath us.

Along with the launch, TaylorMade Golf released somewhere around 484 videos explaining their new Face Slot technology and asking PGA Tour pros for their thoughts on the RSi irons. You can check all of those out on the TaylorMade Golf YouTube channel, but I have put two of the 484 videos below if you want to take a quick look at what they offer.