This Teva x UGG Sandal-Boot Combo Is The Ugliest Shoe Ever Created, And Twitter’s Roasting It To Hell

Some creations in this world are just colossal monuments to failure on behalf of the design time. Think about the PT Cruiser, Nissan Cube, or the Nissan Juke (when did Nissan start turning out complete piles of shit?!?), these cars are so hideous I wouldn’t be caught dead having sex with your mom in one of them.

Some products in the world are hideous but over time have been wholeheartedly by the proletariat because they serve some sort of purpose. I’m told Crocs are great for fishing but I still can’t bring myself to own a pair. Likewise, Teva sandals and UGG boots are supposed to OWN their corners of the market. So I guess it makes sense that these two hideous products would collaborate. Just because Teva and UGG are both renowned for looking worse than a pool of chihuahua diarrhea doesn’t mean they can’t push the envelope even further and make something so fucking hideous it deserves an entire set of shitty design awards to be created simply so this vomit-inducing shoe can win them all:

That sandal above is set to retail for $175. Presumably, they priced it that high because they know not a single person on the fucking planet is going to buy it, but they’ll still get some much-needed press out of this. The boot you saw in the feature image of this article, that thing’s selling for $225. in other news, I’ll probably be starting a sandal/shoe company soon because it looks like at this point the market will hop on anything and someone wearing a white suit will happily buy a ketchup popsicle.

…H/T to FHM for finding this over on!…

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