The Gent’s Corner: Submariner

Let’s talk wrist fashion. Sporting a watch is as gentlemanly as it gets.  I’m not talking about your typical ‘Made in China’ battery powered quartz.  We’re dealing with automatic movement gear winding manly pieces of art.  Think of it as a man hobby/obsession equivalent to women pursuing handbags and shoes. Similar to the aforementioned, a watch tells a lot about a person.  Equate it to how women read other women.  A girl sees another girl sporting a $1000 Jimmy Choo’s and she either thinks “Damn that biddie is wearing $1000 Jimmy Choo’s” or “Damn those are out of date from last fall’s catalog.”  Perhaps a bad allusion.

What I can tell you is that if you walk into a bar and a gentleman is sporting a Patek Phillipe, you ought to go over and buy him a drink because he’s either a managing partner at a firm or just an all-around interesting person.  The moral of the story is knowing your watches can be a great way to start a conversation and get a read on someone.  It provides a classy and refined jumping point for dialogue that adds to your networking arsenal.   




Let’s start out with the classic Submariner.  You’re talking about a watch that has considerable wrist presence and is instantly recognizable.  It pairs well with any outfit whether casual or dressy.  Additionally, it’s made for diving so it handles daily wear and tear quite well.  


The look appeals across generations and pairs well with almost any shirt.  You can repurpose the band for multiple uses.  Steel for daily use, leather for a classier approach, and NATO for a summer look.

Here’s a look at the classic Rolex Submariner on NATO made popular by James Bond himself, the ultimate badass gentleman:



If you can’t really afford the thousand(s) dollar price tag,a simple solution is to go with a brand like Seiko.  For sub-$300, you can get watch that is well respected and has a history of engineering innovation. Upping the ante to a sub-$1000 price tag you can go with a luxury brand like the Longines Hydroconquest. 

The Hydroconquest is well-respected in the watch community and a
reliable piece for the entry-level analyst who is humble enough to slowly work
his way up to a Rolex.  


Just remember, watches are like people.  On the outside, some are flashier than
others.  On the inside, many lack substance.  Few are brilliant.