The GLD Shop Dropped An Exclusive NFLPA Collab Where You Can Buy Iced Out, Player-Inspired Chains

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Christian Johnston founded GLD in his Pittsburgh basement only a short number of years ago. Fast forward to today, and GLD’s headquarters sits in a 12,000 square foot facility in Miami.

GLD makes some of the finest chains, bracelets, and watches around. As far as materials go, GLD offer’s everything from solid gold variations for $5,000 or gold-plated variations starting at $100.

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What this means is every type of buyer can get ahold of a high-quality necklace or bracelet for a number they’re comfortable with.

GLD uses real gold and hand-set stones in all of its pieces.

Working with the World’s Biggest Artists, Athletes, and Brands

Since the brand’s inception, GLD has collaborated with a number of artists and professional athletes like Kevin Durant, Paul Pogba, Justin Bieber, Meek Mill, and many more.

GLD has also partnered with brands and organizations like the NBA, Marvel, MLB, Call of Duty, and more.


GLD Announces Expansion of NFL License to NFLPA

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GLD just announced it’s expanding its NFL license to the NFLPA. This means GLD is going to be able to apply player names and team logos to pendants and other pieces.

In a time when the value of a player’s likeness is bigger than ever, GLD is following the phenomenon and making it so fans can secure exclusive player pendants and chains.

We’ve got an exclusive offer for BroBible readers to go along with this announcement.

Use the code “BROBIBLE” and  get 30% off your order. You, the BroBible readers, will also get first dibs on voting which player pedants GLD makes.

You will be able to vote on what players receive an official GLD player pendant. Maybe you’re an Odell fan? Kamara? Joe Burrow? The power will be in your hands to determine what players GLD will use for its next unique designs.


What’s awesome is some of the league’s biggest stars will be wearing GLD chains similar to the ones you can buy. Players like Aaron Jones and Tyreek Hill have even been spotted wearing GLD chains in-game!

And as pricing options on the NFLPA licensed pieces, you can go as high as $5K for a solid gold piece or around $100 for various gold or silver-plated pieces.

Review of 18k Gold Plated Rope Chain

If you’re just getting into buying necklaces and bracelets—or if this is your first time hearing about GLD—a good place to start is by browsing its best-sellers.


I recently picked up the 18k Gold Plated Rope Chain (4mm width) to check out. I grabbed the 20mm so there’s just a little bit of hang—not too short and not too long for me.

Generally speaking, a rope chain is a versatile necklace when it comes to everyday wear. Many of the outfits I wore my rope chain with were casual streetwear and vintage-inspired. I really liked how the rope chain popped when wearing over a black vintage faded tee.

Favorite Design Notes and Features

The first design note I noticed when taking my chain out of the zippered pouch was its weight. The 20mm weighs about 19 grams, so you’re going to feel it resting on your neck when putting it on.

I’m typically used to chains of similar price points feeling very lightweight and flimsy. This was far from the case with the GLD Rope Chain. Not only is the weight of high quality, but the chain itself is sturdy while still allowing a level of flexibility.


Another feature I noticed on my chain was the shine. There was a sleek, natural shine to the chain—as opposed to an overly bright, cheesy shimmer a ton of “gold” chains have.

I believe the reason my GLD chain looked this way is due to the high quality of the 18k gold plating.

And perhaps my favorite aspect of my GLD Rope Chain was the clasp. The clap was strong, easy to use, and streamlined into the necklace so it doesn’t bulge out or scratch your neck.

A huge indicator when judging attention to detail in a necklace is the clasp. The fact I could tell it was specially made had me impressed.

Final Thoughts

GLD’s Rope Chain is a great starter necklace to pick up. Start rotating it in with your outfits and play with how you style it. If you need some inspiration, you can check out GLD’s Instagram or check out any of the artists and celebs that have been spotted wearing GLD necklaces.

Once you become confident in how you like to wear your chain you can start layering it with other pieces. You can pick up a pendant—like one of the new NFLPA styles—or another best-seller chain and wear them at the same time.

Every guy should have a couple of pieces of jewelry in their wardrobe. GLD is making it easy to acquire the freshest styles at a respectable price point.


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