50 Things We Want This Week: New Golf Gear, Spring And Summer Cocktails, Fishing Sunglasses, And More

50 Things We Want This Week

  • In this week’s roundup of ‘Things We Want’ we’ve got a full gear guide’s worth of new items that are here to make Spring and Summer better
  • Load up on the best new gear for men by following the recommendations below
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How’s everybody doing out there today?! I wanted to throw this week’s Things We Want on your radar. It’s a collection of all the best new gear for guys that have caught my attention recently.

I’ve loaded it up with all sorts of accessories, apparel, and some funky items I think you guys will enjoy. If anything catches your attention just follow the product links for full specs!

50 Things We Want This Week: New Golf Gear, Spring And Summer Cocktails, Fishing Sunglasses, And More

Short Par 4’s Personal Style Caddie Is A Game-Changer!!

Short Par 4

I genuinely love when I see people or businesses from my hometown crushing it in life. Short Par 4 was founded and is located just down the road from my house and they are one of the coolest startups I’ve encountered over the past several years because they found a very real need in the marketplace and created a perfect solution, their Personal Style Caddie Membership.

Short Par 4 is a monthly golf apparel subscription that acts as your personal style caddie for the links. SP4 works with brands like Oakley, Under Armour, Callaway, 1764 Golf, and more to deliver top-tier golf apparel reflective of your liking.

Short Par 4 has direct lines to the best golf brands on the market. It’s because of these relationships they’re able to secure golf gear and apparel for a discount they can pass on to the SP4 subscriber. It’s as simple as choosing your membership (Fairway or Executive) and they do the rest of the work. You’ll look better than ever on Sundays and I 100% BELIEVE that we all play better golf when we look and feel our best. Check ’em out, you’ll be pleased that you did.

Check Out Short Par 4 HERE

Tropical Bros Is Coming In HOT This Summer

Tropical Bros Hawaiians Collage

Tropical Bros is coming in hot with the best Hawaiian shirts of the year by dropping 12 fresh new designs. Not only do these Hawaiian Shirts look incredible on a beautiful beach base but they’re proven to bring the ladies.

Each shirt is designed with every small detail in mind. The graphics are then transferred onto Tropical Bros’ Super Stretch fabric, which is a blend of polyester and spandex that features a moisture-wicking shell.

This is the Summer we ALL embrace the comfort and style of Hawaiian shirts and free ourselves from the shackles of long sleeves and ditch tanktops because those sunburns are hideous. Tropical Bros Hawaiian Shirts are here to make

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Salt Life Has The Best Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing

Salt Life is mostly known for its performance fishing apparel. Everything from the brand’s long-sleeve shirts to its short-sleeve button-ups are lightweight and moisture-wicking. What you might not know is Salt Life also churns out some of the best sunglasses for fishing.

Colors like brown, copper, amber, and blue are ideal for further reducing glare helping you to spot the fish. Match your lenses to the level of sunlight and the color of water and you’re guaranteed to catch more fish, assuming you are using the right equipment.

This isn’t just me blowing smoke, this is how serious fishing works. You put yourself in the best position to catch more fish and you will and that starts with having the right Salt Life fishing sunglasses to actually see what’s underneath the surface.

Shop Salt Life Sunglasses Now

Barr Hill Gin Bee’s Knees Cocktail

I was recently turned onto Barr Hill Gin. What first caught my attention was that they’re located in Vermont not too far from my family’s house in The Adirondacks in upstate New York. Then I sought it out and was blown away by how delicious their take on the Bee’s Knees Cocktail is.

It’s a common and classic cocktail but the combination of fresh lemon, Barr Hill’s Raw Honey from Montpelier, Vermont, and their flagship Barr Hill Gin is the perfect Spring and Summer cocktail. They’re also running a really cool Bee’s Knees Week initiative right now where they’ve ‘partnered with non-profit organizations to plant 10 square feet of pollinator habitat’ to try and save endangered bees in the area.

You can hit that ‘shop’ link below to visit their website and use the tool to see where to purchase this gin locally near you. Circle back and use this recipe above then thank me later because it’s so dang refreshing!

Shop Online Here

5 Affordable And Reliable Everyday Carry Essentials

5 Affordable And Reliable Everyday Carry Essentials You Can Buy Today

  1. Timex Expedition Sierra 41mm w/ Fabric Strap, $99
  2. CRKT Compano Carabiner / Pocket Knife, $55
  3. Huckberry ‘Cruisers’ Sunglasses in Tortoise, $45
  4. Ezra Arthur No. 6 Wallet, $68 (usually $125)
  5. Osprey Arcane Large Day Backpack, $100

The Timex Expedition Sierra 41mm w/ Fabric Strap, $99, has that classic field watch silhouette that can run you a thousand dollars for some mechanical models. This is an everyday watch and one that is versatile to be worn with all sorts of outfits.

The CRKT Compano Carabiner / Pocket Knife, $55, is a carabiner, keychain, and pocket knife all rolled into one. It is backed by CRKT’s lifetime warranty and was ergonomically designed for easy use. The Huckberry ‘Cruisers’ Sunglasses in Tortoise, $45, are a pair of sunglasses that can be worn all Spring and Summer and these are sold in a few different styles as well. Add these to your everyday carry essentials collection and thank me later!

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6 Of Our Favorite Daily Accessories Right Now

6 Of Our Favorite Everyday Carry Essentials Right Now

If anything below catches your eye there are links throughout the article. Click on the product’s name and you’ll head over to that product’s specific landing page where you will find a full rundown of specs, materials, sizing charts, and any additional information you might be looking for.

[1] Roark Mathis Tie-Dye Short Sleeve [$49]

[2] Tropical Bros Belize Dat Swim Shorts [$42, SALE]

[3] Salt Life Samoa Crystal Blue Sunglasses [$169]

[4] Keen UNEEK Adaptive Sandals in Koke Green [$130]

[5] G-Shock GBD100-1 Watch in Black [$119, usually $150]

[6] CRKT Dually Compact Pocket Knife [$35]

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Gear For Crushing Your Next Beach And Boat Day

Daily Gear Essentials For Crushing Your Next Beach And Boat Day

Here we have some of the best daily gear accessories and essentials for your next beach or boat day. I’ve hand-picked some apparel and items to make every outing this Spring and Summer a little bit better.

If anything catches your eye below just hit follow the product links and you will be taken directly to that product’s landing page with a full rundown of specs!.

[1] Tropical Bros Sunny Days Hawaiian Shirt [$48]

[2] Free Fly Breeze Short [$59]

[3] Salt Life St. Pete Frost Grey Sunglasses [$169]

[4] LUCA Dune Sandal [$80]

[5] The Limited-Edition Redstone Pocket Knife [$99]

[6] Pioneer Carry Altitude Billfold [$66, usually $89]

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Best Gear For Travel This Spring And Summer

6 Of The Best Everyday Carry Items For Travel This Spring And Summer

  1. Vuori Strato Tech Tee [$44]
  2. Vuori Ponto Short – 7.5″ in Indigo Heather [$74]
  3. Patagonia Duckbill Cap [$29]
  4. Keysmart Ultimate Charger / Portable 65W Power Bank [$89, usually $150]
  5. Closca Bottle in Black Coral [$22, 50% off]
  6. North St. Bags Davis Daypack EPX [$111, usually $140]

On the lefthand side, we have my favorite outfit from Vuori. If you were to knock on my office door on any given day there’s at least a 50% chance you find me wearing that exact combination of Vuori Strato Tech Tee [$44] and Vuori Ponto Short – 7.5″ in Indigo Heather [$74]. To be fair, I own that shirt in at least 4 colors and the shorts in the same so it might not be that exact outfit but it’ll be pretty darn close. They’re the comfiest daily wear in the game.

Shop More Here

The Redstone Pocket Knife

The Redstone Pocket Knife Is A Custom Limited-Edition Everyday Carry Must-Have

Anyone in the market for a new pocket knife has come to the right place. The limited-edition Redstone Pocket Knife by The James Brand was custom-designed by climber and photographer Savannah Cummins in collaboration with Huckberry. And it is available exclusively at Huckberry by following any of the links or ‘buy now’ buttons below!

A few things make the Redstone Pocket Knife by The James Brand a must-have this spring. It was built for keeping things simple and uncomplicating life. If that sounds abstract it’s not meant to be, it’s really just a pocket knife that’s built to be used when you need it.

The design is lightweight but sturdy and can be used for everything from fishing to whittling, or cutting ropes to opening boxes. It’s an all-purpose everyday carry knife that’s eye-catching and will last you a LONG time due to the top quality materials.

Buy The Redstone Pocket Knife Now

These Polarized Sunglasses Are 2-For-$60 Right Now

These Polarized Sunglasses Are 2-For-$60 Right Now

I believe it was Robert Nesta Marley (better known as Bob) who said the ‘sun is shining, the weather is sweet’. That’s the exact song I have playing on loop in my head today as the Florida sunshine stretches as far as I can see out my windows. And this sunshine’s also got me thinking about how I recently lost my favorite pair of sunglasses and I’m in the mood for a new pair (or pairs).

That line of thought brought me to the Weekenders from Huckberry which retail for $35/pair or you can buy 2-for-$60. These are polarized sunglasses available in ten (TEN!!!) different combinations of lens + frames.

I’ve featured some images of these shades below so you can get a sense of the styles. But like I said above, there are ten different combinations of lenses and frames so you’ll want to click through to visit Huckberry to learn more about these polarized sunglasses if you want to get that 2-for-$60 deal (or $35 a la carte).

Shop 2-for-$60 Polarized Sunglasses Now

One Of Reddit’s Favorite Everyday Carry Tools

Check Out One Of Reddit's Favorite Everyday Carry Tools Leatherman Wave

Reddit is the self-described ‘front page of the Internet’ and its micro-community subreddits cover pretty much every interest on planet earth. Dig in just a little bit and you will find thriving subreddits covering topics you never even knew existed. You can use those communities to crowdsource decisions and purchases. Here we take a look at one of Reddit’s favorite everyday carry tools, a multi-tool I came to purchase after being gifted one over 30 years ago in the Cub Scouts.

I’m talking, of course, about the Leatherman Wave or specifically the Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool which retails for $110 and is worth every penny. Decades before this became one of Reddit’s favorite everyday carry tools I was gifted my first Leatherman by my mother when I was in the Cub Scouts and she was our scout leader.

My Leatherman likely would’ve lasted me my entire life if I wasn’t a kid and lost it at some point. The reason I believe that is because I came across this post on Reddit, one of the most popular r/EDC subreddit posts in the past year, about how someone sent in their 20-year-old Leatherman to be restored and it came back in practically brand new condition.

Shop Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool Now

Whiskey Peaks Rock Glasses

Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses

Whiskey Peaks

These Whiskey Peaks rocks glasses come in sets of two or four. There are American or International options which include etched versions of the Grand Canyon, Half Dome, Denali, Mt. Everest, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

These whiskey glasses pay tribute to America’s most iconic mountains as well as the International collection for any world travelers out there. They make for a perfect gift to yourself or anyone in your life who enjoys whiskey.

Shop Whiskey Peaks Glasses Now


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