This Startup Lets You Buy Shares In A Cow Before It’s Butchered, Then Delivers You The Freshest Beef On Earth

When we buy your steaks and burgers from the grocery store we trust that a) the meat is fresh and b) that beef is exactly what it claims to be (correct cut, certification, etc). We’re putting A LOT of trust in our grocery stores (and butchers) when we do this, because we have no clue where our beef originated, but the fact of the matter is that most of people don’t care where our beef comes from or how it gets to our plates, just as long as it’s tasty. However, a growing number of the population is becoming increasingly interested in knowing where their food comes from and they want to ensure that their food is both fresh and sustainable. This is where the startup ‘Crowd Cow’ enters the market.

Crowd Cow is a startup that sells individual shares in a cow before that cow is butchered. Cows are not butchered until all shares of that cow are sold, and upon being butchered that fresh 100% grass fed beef is then shipped as fast as possible to the owners of the shares, thus ensuring the freshest 100% grass fed beef steak on the planet.

According to their website, Crowd Cow is a start up operating under three tenets: Convenience, Quality, and Taste.

Convenience: Crowd Cow lets you buy the exact cuts and quantity you want direct from a farm with the ease of ordering online, delivered straight to your door.

Quality: We are committed to discovering the very best local farms and the people who have dedicated their lives to producing healthy, high-quality, sustainable meat.

Taste: We believe that beef should be enjoyed like wine, with an appreciation for the varieties and a deeper knowledge of the source of the food you consume.

Convenience, Quality, and Taste are 3 things I can get on board with any day. In fact, if I had to name the three driving forces in my life it would probably be convenience, quality, and taste…So I think I’ve found my perfect startup.

Shares in the cows range anywhere from $9 on up to $45, depending on which cut of meat you’re looking for. You can also buy shares in bulk with share packages like ‘Steak-Only Share’ or the ‘Grill Master Share’.

Once all the shares of a cow have been sold and the cow is butchered the 100% grass fed beef is then shipped directly to your home in neat packages like this:

I was honestly torn between telling you bros about Crowd Cow and keeping this a secret all to myself, because I’d rather not have the competition in buying shares of the 100% grass fed beef. I ultimately came to the conclusion that I should tell you bros about Crowd Cow because then the shares would get purchased up more quickly, and I wouldn’t have to wait as long before receiving my order of 100% grass fed beef in the mail.

So, if you’re interested in Crowd Cow and want to learn more/buy some shares for yourself you can CLICK HERE to head on over to their website and bring yourself one step closer to fresh steaks.

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