This Three-Step Process Is The SECRET To A Healthy Beard

Some men are just beard guys.

I’m a beard guy.

I’ve had a beard for almost as long as I can remember now, embracing my inner lumberjack with grizzly whiskers all year round.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years as a beardsman, however, is that there’s a thin line between a healthy, well-kept beard and letting one’s facial hair spiral into a mangy mess.

With a great beard comes great responsibility.

For starters – You have to constantly work at it. The easiest way to keep your beard looking fresh and on-point is learning to apply beard products like the ones from Live Bearded, crafted from high-quality and all-natural ingredients.

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You wouldn’t toil away in the garage restoring a ’71 Mustang only to damage the engine with cheap motor oil, would you?

Same goes for your beard – It deserves premium products.

The Secret To A Healthy Beard


The secret to a bountiful garden is constantly working at it for a few minutes each day: Watering it, fertilizing it, plucking away at the weeds.

The secret to a healthy beard is also constantly working at it with a proper routine.

Here’s how to live your best bearded life with a simple three-step process.

Step 1: Wash + Condition Your Beard

A couple years ago, before I discovered Live Bearded beard products, my barber snapped at me when I told him I was washing my beard in the shower with the same shampoo I used for my hair.

“Don’t you know how dry that’s making your beard?!” 

He suggested using a proper beard wash to clean it, with natural moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice. It made an instant difference.

Washing your beard helps clear out (A. any dry, gross salsa from Taco Tuesday that missed your mouth and accumulated on your hairy flavor saver and (B. the build up of beardruff – the dry skin that sheds from your face, which builds up in the foicles of your beard hairs.

Beardruff sucks – it’s what causes the dreaded beard itch that drives so many to shaving their hard-fought facial hair. Fortunately, regularly cleaning with Live Bearded beard wash and proper hygiene can help alleviate it pretty quickly.

Just like with the hair on your head, that’s why it’s equally important to condition while still in the shower. Live Bearded  Conditioner is loaded with all sorts of natural good stuff to keep your beard soft after shampooing: Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Keratin, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil.

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Step 2: Moisturize Your Skin With Beard Oil

That skin on your face that I just mentioned? Let’s talk about that for a second. It’s important!

When you have a beard, the skin on your face dries out fast. The skin on your face produces a natural oil called sebum oil. As your beard grows, it sponges this oil up, leaving the face skin dry. That’s when your beard gets itchy and irritated.

Beard oil is the solution.

Live Bearded’s beard oils are produced with natural oils that hydrate the skin and condition your beard to softness, including Argan, Jojoba, and Grape Seed oils. They’re also packed with Vitamin E, which helps moisturize and strengthen skin and hair.

Not only do these help reduce itch and irritation, they help your beard look healthier and more vibrant.

Step 3: Condition and style your beard with beard butter

You washed with proper beard shampoo and conditioned with beard oil.

Now it’s time to condition and style.

Live Bearded Beard Butter is a real workhorse in keeping your beard looking tidy and impressive.

It’s my favorite part of the beard upkeep process.

Applied daily by massaging it into your beard, high quality beard butter keeps beard hairs from becoming gnarly with split ends and flyaway hairs that just won’t go down. It helps keep your beard in place, taming wild stray beard hairs and helping your beard contour to the share of your face.

Live Bearded Beard Butter is packed with shea butter to hydrate the skin and essential oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and grape-seed oil to strengthen and soften your hairs.

It’s a crucial final boss when it comes to maintaining a softer and healthier-looking beard.

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What about a great smelling beard?

A healthy beard not only looks great, but also smells great. This is an important time to emphasize how Live Bearded products help a beardsman achieve a pleasant smell for their facial hair, without overdoing it.

Their beard products feature seven masculine scents, all with unique fragrance profiles:

  • GUNSLINGER: Sweet Tobacco, Cedar
  • EXECUTIVE: Leather, Vanilla, Cedar 
  • LEGEND: Sandalwood, Vanilla 
  • CANYON: Juniper, Cypress, Fir Needle
  • AMERICAN: Cedar, Pine, Vetiver, Bergamot 
  • WINGMAN: Citrus, Clove, and Vanilla
  • STRAIGHT UP: Fragrance-Free

Rocking a badass beard comes with a fraternal understanding amongst fellow bearded men – A beard code, if you will. That’s why we compliment each other on our beards, knowing just how hard it is to let it grow and keep it looking great.

That’s what I love about Live Bearded – They’re just a bunch of regular dudes running a small business just like you and me, not some soulless corporation that manufactures mass produced grooming products with substandard ingredients. They’re the kind of guys you’d grab a beer after work with or play a round of golf with.

They’re beardsmen themselves, making exceptional products for their fellow for beardsmen. Because of that, they pride themselves on standing behind their beard products no matter, offering a lifetime warranty and 365-day money back guarantee. Just check out their About Us to see the regular dudes behind the brand.

Now go-forth! Be a man of action, not a man of empty words.

Learn to love the process with some of the best beard products for men, practice proper pruning, and go live your best bearded life.

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