The New Tiger Woods Nike Golf Shoes For 2015 Were Just Unveiled, Plus 4 Other Shoes You Should Check Out

Is it a coincidence that Tiger Woods is making his 2015 PGA Tour debut the same week his new kicks are released by Nike? Probably not. But either way, I’m glad Tiger is back. His kicks, I can take or leave. I am a bit of a golf gear whore, but Woods’ shoes have never appealed to me. The $250 price tag probably has a lot to do with that. Also, I do the vast majority of my golfing in shorts and these things are basically high tops at this point. My ankles are far too sexy for that shit.

Anyway, here is a video of Woods talking about his new kicks and below are 4 more shoes you should probably check out for the 2015 season.

Ashworth Cardiff ADC Mesh

Price: $120
Although these came out in 2014, the Cardiff ADC Mesh might be my favorite golf shoes in the last few years. Last year I randomly bought a pair of the regular Cardiff ADC’s and I was blown away by their comfort on DAY ONE. So much so that when these came out I had to buy them and I chose this particular colorway since it’s incredibly versatile, which is something you see less and less of with modern golf shoes. NO ONE NEEDS HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW GOLF SHOES, PEOPLE!

adidas adipower

Price: $190
BOOST. That is the name adidas gave to the material that sets these shoes apart from the competition. You may recognize it, too, as the company has been using the styrofoam -looking white material as the soles of their running shoes for a while now. Boost is a different form of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material used in a lot of golf shoes (look it up if you yearn to learn about it, I’m not fucking Bill Nye).

Actually, here, let adidas’s press release explain it:

adidas’ innovative BOOST foam cushioning is comprised of thousands of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) energy capsules fused together by way of a proprietary high pressure steam molding process. At their core, these capsules are the essence of the innovation; its function, storing and releasing energy efficiently throughout the swing and delivering maximum energy return as athletes perform.

That doesn’t seem like the worst thing when it comes to shoes that you wear for five hours at a time, now does it?


Nike Lunar Control 3

Price: $170
I chose to showcase the black here because most people don’t want, or can’t afford, more than one or two pairs of golf shoes. Also, some of the other colorways in the Nike Lunar Control 3 are pretty restricting for the causal golfer. But if you need a pair of shoes for every outfit you own (like my mother) check out all of the colors here.

As for comfort and feel, I can’t speak directly for the Nike Lunar Control 3, but I do own a pair of the Nike Lunar Control 2, and much like the Ashworth Cardiff ADC’s, they didn’t require a break-in period and they didn’t leave my feet in agony.



Price: $220
With the exception of Tiger’s new kicks, the TITANTOUR’s are the most expensive shoes on the list. That’s likely because they feature an NASA-developed technology which was made to help to keep astronauts comfortable in their spaceman suits. How the hell does that help you? Simple. It keeps your feet cool and comfortable even on hottest days when your gross feet at perspiring like no other.