This Tiny NERF Pocket Blaster Is The Size Of Your Smartphone And A Sneak-Attack Game Changer

Office NERF wars are the greatest thing about having a 9-to-5 cubicle job. Well, provided that your company is cool (like ours) with basically recreating Workaholics-style adventures on the reg. That’s why the Nerf’s N-Strike Elite PocketStrike Blaster is so badass. It’s the size of a phone, which means you can sneak-attack Stacy in Accounts Payable without having to conceal something as big and bright as the Khaos Blaster.

It’s only $8 and comes with two darts. The Nerf N-Strike Elite PocketStrike Blaster is not officially on sale yet, BUT you can grab the Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster on Amazon for about the same price. It’s slightly larger, but comes with three darts and fires up to 75-feet.

There’s also the smaller Nerf N-strike Elite Jolt Ex-1 Ultra Small Blaster that’s only $6.99. 

Game changer. This still has to be one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time and it came out my senior year in college, all those damn years ago.

[H/T: Gizmodo]

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