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Tom Brady Sunglasses – How Brady Linked Up With Christopher Cloos For The Ultimate Eyewear Collab

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When you think of greatness in sports, the name Tom Brady undoubtedly first comes to mind. A seven-time Super Bowl champ, Brady’s life might seem like a fairytale, but, through passion and hard work, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has accomplished more than any other player at his position in league history.

But Brady’s strive for greatness doesn’t stop with football, as we all know his strategic approach to doing things. So when word came out that the future Hall of Famer was collaborating with Christopher Cloos on an individual line of Tom Brady sunglasses, it got our attention. It truly was a relationship of two fantastic brands.

That’s why we had to check out the sunglasses for ourselves, picking out the styles and designs we loved most. Side note: All of them were on our list. The Cloos x Brady collection features blue light glasses, sunglasses and prescription options.


Christopher Cloos, a leading maker of premium, timeless, and elegant eyewear, not only represents class, but the company values a certain attitude that men like Tom Brady possess. The Cloos x Brady collection features blue light glasses and sunglasses, with each frame made from environmentally-friendly biodegradable material. It’s inspired by Brady’s taste for minimalistic, timeless designs and a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Since we wanted to know more, we got the chance to chat with the creator of Christopher Cloos, Julius August, to find out more about how the Cloos x Brady partnership came to be — and why Tom Brady was the ideal man to team up with for such a unique opportunity.


Tom Brady x Christopher Cloos sunglasses

Christopher Cloos


BroBible: Two years ago, the first collection in The Cloos x Brady collab was released – how did that collab come together for Christopher Cloos?

Julius August: We are on a mission to dress one million faces worldwide with our frames, and we see the US market as a great fit for our company. It takes a lot of effort to grow, and we have always been looking for the perfect partner to work with us on our journey to get to the ultimate goal. And while Tom (Brady) has always been a dream for us to work with, it takes time to get there with all of the partners involved in the project.

BroBible: What helped it be successful?

Julius August: First and foremost, the product is central. Another central theme is if he can envision himself associating with the brand and how we as a company align with his values – our blue light frames are appealing to his healthy lifestyle while our sunglasses appeal to his interest in style and design. Furthermore, Tom has surrounded himself with great people who have been great to work with as well.

BroBible: How did you go about picking a spokesperson for the brand? Who were the top contenders?

Julius August: We have a core value in our company saying “High effort, high reward”, so when we decided to go for a truly global partner, we wanted to work with the very best. In our humble opinion, that is Tom Brady.

BroBible: With so many influential social media stars and sports stars to choose from, what made Tom Brady stand out as your #1 pick for a collab?

Julius August: His monumental career with attention to detail and health along with being a top professional attracted us. His dedication and relentless quest for success is truly inspiring and something we appreciate being a part of; in some way!

BroBible: How did Tom Brady take the news when you asked him to be your spokesperson?

Julius August: If we fast-forward parts of the story to the part where we sat down together, I think he enjoyed the moment. We had a tray full of frames with us along with a designer who could draw his ideas in-the-moment. The idea of also making the frames biodegradable also sparked something unique in the room, and we went on to arrange the partnership from there!

BroBible: How hands-on Brady with designing the Christopher Cloos x Tom Brady collection?

Julius August: Tom has been great — and much more involved than I could have hoped for. He cares about the small details, the core design of the frame and how to communicate the product. We could not be more excited.

Cloos x Brady - sunglasses

BroBible: With three collections released so far, will there be more products with Brady down the line?

Julius August: The three collections have all been a great success, and we definitely want that to continue. At the moment we are working on two new collection releases together with Brady.

So stay tuned for August!

BroBible: What does the future look like for Christopher Cloos? What exciting things can customers look forward to in the future?

Julius August: The last six years, we have grown substantially. I remember when we first met that I was in many aspects still a lone rider traveling the US getting our product into stores all over the country. We will continue our journey of producing timeless and minimalistic pieces, working with inspiring people and expanding with products that are relevant to our portfolio.

We just launched The Brooksby collection we made together with the professional tennis player Jenson Brooksby. Next month the Swedish Supermodel Elsa Hosk will launch her fourth collection and Brady will launch two new collections – so many new exciting things to look forward to!

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Cloos x Brady - prescription

With three total collections available in six different color styles (Espresso, Noire, Ristretto, Bourbon, Coal, and Grey Tonic), the Cloos x Brady collaboration has the perfect glasses for any occasion. From a day of fun outside with the stylish Tom Brady sunglasses to a day of work in front of your computer with the Blue Light options, the six colorways are available now and retail starting at $169.

With Brady’s favorite championship always being “the next one,” with this collection it’s safe to say his eyes are on the prize. So take a look at some of our favorite Tom Brady sunglasses below.


Cloos x Brady Hermosa – Bourbon – Sunglasses

Cloos x Brady - Hermosa - Bourbon


Cloos x Brady Pacifica – Espresso – Prescription

Cloos x Brady - Pacifica - Prescription


Cloos x Brady Original – Noire – Sunglasses

Cloos x Brady Sunglasses - Original - Noire


Cloos x Brady Hermosa – Ristretto – Blue Light

Cloos - Hermosa - Blue Light


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