TRUFF’s New Black Truffle-Infused Pasta Sauces Just Made Me A Customer For Life

TRUFF pasta sauce

For many moons now I’ve been in love with TRUFF’s black and white truffle-infused hot sauces. Long before Oprah named TRUFF to her annual ‘Favorite Things’ list, my colleague Brandon turned me onto TRUFF with a heads up that it was the next big thing. Since then, I’ve trusted his hot sauce intel without question because TRUFF hot sauce is perfectly balanced between having enough heat and enough real black and white truffle flavor that neither cancels each other out and now they’ve gone and changed the pasta sauce game forever just in time for Christmas.

TRUFF just debuted two pasta sauces, a Black Truffle Pomodoro Sauce and a Black Truffle Arrabiatta Sauce. If you’re reading this article then it’s likely because you love truffles or you’re buying a gift for someone who loves truffles and I’m here to tell you these TRUFF Pasta Sauces are the REAL DEAL.

The thing about fresh truffles is they are hard to find, very rare, and thus quite expensive. I bought some fresh black and white truffles for Christmas (two years ago) from a friend who imports them into Charleston and distributes to restaurants and it was the most I’d spent on Christmas in my life. That’s why TRUFF Pasta Sauce is such a damn good value. You can get a 2-pack of the Black Truffle Pomodoro, Black Truffle Arrabbiata, or a 2-Pack Combo for just $29.99.

TRUFF pasta sauce

I don’t think I’ll ever be in the habit of spending $15/bottle of pasta sauce every single time I eat pasta but this really is a steal for what you get and from where I’m sitting this is the best possible Christmas gift I can hand out this year. (1) Because $29.99 is a perfect price point to spend on friends, relatives, and colleagues that I’m not that close with and (2) because TRUFF Pasta Sauce just hit the market and most people won’t have seen it or heard of it yet by Christmas and they’ll be blown away.

Here’s how TRUFF describes their Black Truffle Pomodoro Sauce:

Our Black Truffle Pomodoro is the perfect blend of ripe tomatoes, delicate herbs, black winter truffle, and red chili peppers. In other words, you’ll experience all the fresh flavors and umami depth you crave without having to stand over a simmering pot.”

TRUFF pasta sauce

The TRUFF Black Truffle Pomodoro and Arrabbiata Sauces are available in 2-packs, 4-packs, 6-packs, and 12-packs. You are guaranteed to find them for sale on TRUFF’s website but you can also look for these sauces in-store at Whole Foods Market, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

To purchase your TRUFF Pasta Sauce today just follow any of the links throughout this article or hit that ‘shop now’ button below!



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