Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Bro

While being a bro means encompassing an elite attitude and persona, there are certain material essentials that help to define the true bro.  Here are ten items that should be part of every bro's wardrobe. You're welcome.

1. The Patagonia

The Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pullover and the Patagonia Better Sweater 1/4-Zip is a must for bros who go to college in the Northeast (Bros at Colgate University, Bucknell, Dartmouth, etc., I'm looking at you.) These pullovers are warm, stylish, and will keep you looking good on the way back to the dorms after long boozy nights at the frats. A true American classic.

2. Boat Shoes

I really shouldn't have to list this, because it's an obvious one, but every bro should be rocking at least one pair of Sperry Top-Sider classic boat shoes. Why? Because they're the greatest shoe ever created. That's why.

3. L.L Bean Boots 

My dad has been dawning the Bean Boots ever since I can remember, which makes them an essential aspect of the Northern bro's wardrobe. These boots are sturdy, comfortable, and will hold up for a lifetime.  Best worn with Jcrew khakis or jeans, and a plaid button down.

4. Smathers and Branson Needlepoint belts

Although these belts are a little pricey ($165), they're definitely worth it.  Nothing says gentleman like a Smathers and Branson belt juxtaposed with a Ralph Lauren oxford. These belts are perfect for frat formals and everyday use.  Dont worry, your girlfriend will be more than eager to take one of these off of you.

5. Vineyard Vines Bow ties/Neckties

Vineyard Vines ties are perfect for any formal occasion and come in a variety of colors and preppy patterns.  Being a bro, means being a gentlemen, so suit up, boss.

6. Ray-ban Original Wayfarers

These shades have been around for a long time and will keep you looking sharp at the beach, or driving with the top down in your BMW classic.  By far, the most bro shades around. 

7. The Pocket Tee, or Frocket

Every bro should own at least one pocket tee, or frocket (Frat pocket tee) to wear on those casual nights playing pong. I recommend getting pocket tees from Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Southern Marsh, or The Frat Collection. Always a good look.

8. Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Pony Hat

This is a great hat for showing off that nice lettuce you've been working on. This awesome hat comes in a multitude of color-ways and takes on a sophisticated look with its leather adjustable strap.

9. Nike Air Max 90

This sneaker is perfect for bros, because it has a stylish look while still allowing the bro to harness his athletic abilities to the fullest potential. This shoe looks great with khakis in the winter and even better with mid calves in the summer. 

10. Barbour Jacket

If you're not spending the winter in a peacoat, then you need to get a Barbour Jacket.  These jackets can be dressed up, or down, and will make you into the best dressed man on campus. What lady doesn't love a man in a Barbour?

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