Every Dude Needs To Take Care Of His Face, And Wolf Project Has The Goods To Help Do Just That

Wolf Project men's skincare

Presented in partnership with Wolf Project…

Like most guys, I used to feel like a real sissy giving my face a little extra attention. Who really cared about moisturizing? Or anti-aging creams? Or taking a little more time to get ready each morning? I sure as hell didn’t, because I’m a dude, and our faces are expected to look a little worn and tattered.

Then I had a scare and developed a melanoma on my forehead from being outside without ever protecting my face. Not only did that change the way I approached my daily routine, but it also made me look far and wide for the best men’s skincare products on the market.

That search recently landed me on Wolf Project, which offers a daily face wash, a daily moisturizer and even face masks to help detox and keep your face (otherwise known as your moneymaker) looking young and fresh. Straight up: You’ll like the way your reflection looks, fellas.

While I have yet to try the detox or anti-aging masks, I’ve gotten a lot of use from both the Face Foaming Cleanser and Hydrating Aqua Gel, which each deliver the nutrients and care my face needs to look its best each day. In a world where we’re all forced to be on camera for simple meetings with coworkers, you better believe Wolf Project has restored some confidence in how I look and feel.

Plus, I’m an active guy, running, biking, walking or, generally speaking, spending as much time outdoors as much as possible. So my face takes a beating most days and needs to be cleaned with the best stuff on earth — which Wolf Project has.

Wolf Project only uses the cleanest, all-natural ingredients — which helps both the skin and the environment. Things like Shea butter, Aloe vera, Kaolin clay and bentonite, Vitamin A, C and E, and even Green Tea are just some of the ingredients in products, which are all developed to keep men’s faces fresh and handsome AF. It’s why the brand is the best in men’s skincare.

Trust me, I know every guy feels like they’re still 25 years old and have zero responsibilities, and are capable of living life as they always have: Wild and free. But at some point it’ll be time to take care of that face of yours and protect it from aging, sun spots, etc. With Wolf Project products, you can stay ahead of the curve.

So go ahead and restore your confidence. Make your daily routine a little bit more about yourself and not about rushing out the door. And tackle each day knowing you’ve got the best men’s skincare products working for you thanks to the all-natural and clean ingredients. You owe it to yourself to look young for years to come — which is the reason why I made the switch to Wolf Project.

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