Grab Some Wood: 6 Accessories Made From Nature’s Most Versatile Material

With spring around the corner, and warm weather on the horizon, we’ve got the outdoors on our brains. Sure, we’re still in love with winter, but spring is when we really…ugh…bloom. So hacky.

Anyway, with spring almost here and an outdoor vibe running rampant in our minds, we turn to the wilderness for inspiration.

There’s just something about the feel of real, crafted wood. And not just the typical wooden creations — baseball bats and axe handles come to mind — but simple everyday stuff made from oak or cedar just gives a guy the feeling of being connected to nature. Even if it’s wooden watches.

Here are six awesome and affordable accessories that are sure to give you wood in more ways than one. Click on the image to go to the product page.

Woodzee Sierra Sunglasses:Woodzees are constructed using the highest quality materials and they pride themselves on the workmanship that goes into the design and product.






Wooden Phone Amp: This cool little amplifier was designed specifically with smart phones in mind! Built into a beautiful all-wood Arturo Fuente 858 cigar box, this amp runs on a 9-volt battery and accepts input via a stanard 3.5mm stereo jack (standard headphone size jack) which almost all modern smart phones have.





Wood Carabiner: The wood carabiner will make sure your keys are always firmly kept in place and can easily be accessed when needed.You will be able to avoid looking for your keys in your bulky pockets. Besides that, wooden carabiners will not damage your pants, your car varnish or doors.





Wooden Toy Car: With real walnut veneer-paneled sides, and a magnet embedded in the roof, this wooden beach wagon comes with a surfboard that snaps onto it. This car also features a magnetic tow hook – allowing it to hitch to an awesome wooden trailer.





Oak Bottles: Introducing, the world’s first Oak Bottle, an oaking vessel that accelerates the oak aging process and allows anyone to infuse extravagant aromas and flavors of oak into their bought or homemade wine or spirit extremely quickly from the comfort of their own home.





Wooden Wallet: This wooden wallet can hold cards, coins and cash. It is also a safe place for storing SD cards inside of a coin box. It`s design also prevent to damage your cards.





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