World’s Largest Yacht Is The Length Of Two Football Fields, Has Two Helipads And Costs Nearly $800 Million (PICS)

The biggest private yacht sailing the seas is the monstrous Azzam, owned by Khalifa Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates. The massive vessel is an astounding 590-feet long. That’s cute. The new superyacht named “Double Century,” is set to be an enormous 656-feet long. Once it’s completed it shall be the world’s largest yacht. Compensating for something?

The price you ask? A cool $770 million. It will be sold on Size matters, the size of your wallet.

This naval masterpiece was dreamed up by designer Christopher Seymour. “Double Century was created to be the next step in the evolution of gigayachts,” said Seymour.

There is no set date for completion of the seafaring Go big or go home and not pay nearly a billion dollars for a boat.