Alexandra Daddario And Her ‘Baywatch’ Babe Buddies Are Sizzling Hot In Their Sexy Swimsuits

This Baywatch movie is going to be a goddamn juggernaut. It doesn’t even come out until 2017 and yet here we are with even more smoking hot pics of Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach (AKA Leo DiCaprio’s ex…SMDH) and Ilfenesh Hadera in their sexy swimsuits.

What’s that? You didn’t catch the amazing bikini booty pics of Daddario that we shared the other day? Tsk, tsk… alright then, here you go.

Man, I can’t imagine what life was like before social media. How did we ever live without seeing hot stuff like this on a daily basis? Oh yeah, we all went outside and had actual lives. Pffft…forget all that. We’ve got our phones, tablets and laptops now, baby!

Here are a few more cool pics from the set that you’ll probably enjoy. I’m outta here. I gotta go binge-watch a couple of Netflix shows then play some games on my iPad after checking Instagram and Facebook.