This Chick’s Spent Almost $250,000 To Look Like A Real-Life Barbie Doll, And She’s Hotter Than I Expected

Amanda Love is a 39-year-old mother with 30MM-sized breasts. She’s spending thousands upon thousands of dollars every year in the pursuit of looking like a real-life Barbie Doll. She’s spent over $240,000 thus far on plastic surgery all with hopes of looking like an actual Barbie Doll, shelling out thousands every year.

via Barcroft TV:

Amanda’s parents were also supportive of Amanda’s wish and, together with Paul who funded the first augmentation, she inflated her breasts to a 30C.
“After the surgery I woke up and cried because they were so small, I was so disappointed. I wanted these big round boobies and they weren’t big enough.”
Vowing to go bigger in the future, Amanda continued her extensive Botox and filler regime, but life as a mum took over and after mourning the death of her mother and then her brother, thoughts of a second boob job didn’t re-emerge until after the birth of Cruz in 2008, when Amanda went up to a 30DD and then again last year when she went up to a 30H, following the birth of her second son Cash.
But Amanda hasn’t finished and has returned to her modeling roots to raise money for yet another boob job.
She said: “It started off with me taking pictures in nice dresses and putting them on Instagram. I was getting more and more likes. Now I get fan mail and followers from all over the world. It’s crazy!”

When I first came across this story I expected her to look like the typically misshapen and disfigured cautionary tale we see anytime we see a story about someone spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in pursuit of looking like a fictitious character. I was surprised, though, and I’d say that Amanda Love looks a heck of a lot sexier than I expected. In fact, I’d say that this mother of 4 is even downright hot in certain outfits and pictures:

Sure, she definitely looks touched up and like her body has been repeatedly altered but I’d also say that she is hot. I’d be SHOCKED if any of you bros out there wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend a night with her (if she wasn’t already taken) because she’s got a banging body, even if it is all fake.

At the very least I’d make the claim that Amanda Love is on par with the other ‘reasonably hot’ girls of the world who have spent money to look like a BarBie Doll. Apparently, Amanda Love has 130K followers on Instagram from posting sexy pics, but you wouldn’t know this because her account is currently set to private.

…(h/t Metro via Barcroft TV)…