This Is What Amber Rose Looked Like When She Was 12 And LOLOLOLOLOL *Takes Giant Breath* LOLOLOL

There’s no such thing as being “hot” when you’re 12: you either look like a fucking dork or you look like jailbait. Pick one, not both. In the case of Amber Rose she looks like a fucking dork in a USA Olympics t-shirt that’s suspiciously the same color throughout? Gross.

But for the sake of reference, here’s Amber Rose today:

Now here’s Amber Rose at 12:

Cass says “She looks like that chick from Australia who gets made fun of for being a shit rapper and has two nose jobs.” Do you think she looks like Iggy Azalea here? I can kind of see it but not quite.

And because I think the following photo is funny, here’s what I looked like in second grade:

As you can clearly see, I don’t fall into the “fucking dork” OR the “jailbait” category. In fact I get my very own category all to myself: chicks who look like dudes.

Oh, what wonderful years those were.