A Skinny Model Called Herself ‘Plus-Sized’ On Instagram And People Were NOT Happy

Anastasia Reshetova is a 19-year-old model from Russia who as you can see is a very attractive woman. By the looks of her Instagram photos she probably doesn’t have much trouble finding modeling gigs. Except that now she has one little problem on her hands.

You see, Reshetova posted the photo you see below with the caption “Plus Size Model.” Which would be fine except for the fact, as the Mirror reports, she’s a UK size 6.


Not that you’d need to know her dress size to see that she obviously isn’t “plus size.” That seems readily apparent. What you may also notice in that same caption is that she added the hashtag “#shameless.” Shameless, indeed.

Whether she really believes that she is “plus size” or not is unclear. The Mirror says that some people speculated that she was poking fun at critics who have called her too thin in the past, while others worried that she actually believes it.


Either way, people were NOT happy with her use of the term and let her know about it, with some suggesting that she was just using the term in an attempt to troll for positive comments about her appearance. Talk about your total backfires.


Because if Anastasia Reshetova is “plus size” then there’s truly no hope for me.

Be right back while I go get another doughnut.




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