Ariana Grande Spoke Out Today In Support Of Her Own Breasts

Where do you stand on Ariana Grande’s tits, Bros?

No, without thinking about it. Come on, just hit me with a response.

Do you like her tits? Do you not like her tits? Me, I honestly hadn’t thought about it, but gun to my head I’m gonna say that yes, I do. I do like her tits.

Which Ariana Grande wants you to know is okay. It’s okay for you to like her tits.

I guess her stance was more that you shouldn’t hate on her tits because they’re small. But conversely, that sentiment carries the subtext that you should like her tits.


Welp, whatever. Wearing a “I have no boobs” shirt, Grande took to social media! to announce that she has small boobs and that is okay.

I’m sorry Bros were boob shaming you, Ariana Grande. You should stop, dudes. Love her tits. Love them. Love them for what they are which is boobs.

Love her ass, too, because it’s great.