This Is What Aubrey O’Day Looks Like Without Makeup And You Can Totally Tell If She’s Had Any Plastic Surgery



Has Aubrey O’Day had any plastic surgery? If you had asked me that question back in 2015, I would have said yes – and in fact I did say yes, although I made sure to throw the word “probably” around a lot because otherwise we’d get sued for libel.

Well, it’s over a full year later and not much has changed – Aubrey is still doing nothing, still dating Pauly D from The Jersey Shore “fame” and still throwing up doctored selfies onto her Instagram. The one you’ll find below, however, has not been doctored (as far as I can tell) and purports to be a “makeup-free” version of Aubrey:

Can I say for sure she’s had lip injections? No. Can I say she’s probably had them? I’m not sure. Can I tell you to look at her lips, then look at everyone else’s lips, then look at her lips again and draw a conclusion that’s so obvious I shouldn’t even have to say it out loud?