After Her Sister Bella Got Nude, Gorgeous Gigi Hadid Joins In The Fun With Her Own Naked Photoshoot

Sisters are competitive AF. So when you add the intensely ruthless business of modeling plus a mother who was once a super model into the mix you get the Hadid sisters.

One week ago, beautiful Bella Hadid got naked and showed off her sweet nipple ring.

Bella was probably a little jealous that her big sister was a model in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Paris two weeks ago.

Now, the stunning Gigi Hadid has clapped back with her own nude photo. In an advertisement campaign for Versace, the spectacular 21-year-old wears nothing except for high heels.

I’ve never wanted to be a bag until this very moment.

For those of you who are weirdos with a foot fetish, this is for you. Enjoy.