Meet The Sexy Blonde Who Wrestles 12-Foot Alligators And Plays With Cobras

You do not want to tangle with Kayla Garvey, especially if you are an alligator. This tough customer has been wrangling gators since she was 5-years-old. Throughout the years, this fearless woman has captured more than a hundred dangerous reptiles. She caught her first alligator at 15-years-old.

The captivating Kayla, who is a radiologist technician, has it in her blood to catch critters since her father is a professional trapper.

“I’m not scared of them at all,” Kayla told the Mirror. “They’re just like any other pet.”

The 24-year-old has even wrestled with a 12-foot alligator.

Who needs weights when you can squat alligators.

Lucky gator.

Alligators can waddle, but they can’t hide from Kayla.


She’s like the Khaleesi of alligators.

But she just doesn’t wrassle gators, she’s quite the fisherwoman.

And she can even catch Thanksgiving dinner.

She’s not afraid of snakes.

Oh yeah, she also fucks with cobras.

The gorgeous Kayla cleans up pretty well.