Britain Is Losing Its Shit Over This Hot 22-Year-Old Who Works As A Dentist By Day And Body Builds By Night

Yeah, dude like I don’t know. People obsess over the dumbest things. Like I’m a little bit of a weird nerd when it comes to playing Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, but at least I don’t have a creepy fixation on some dentist who likes to get swole in her spare time.

The body building dentist in question is named Natalya Rosenschein and she placed top 5 at the supposedly world-famous Muscle Beach competition in Los Angeles this past year (I say “supposedly” only because I’ve never heard of it, not that I would be one to go looking for something like that in the first place). As of right now she’s still a student at Newcastle University through 2017 but is set to compete in the British Finals Championships in Nottingham tomorrow. If she wins, she’ll be entered in the “Olympia,” aka the Olympics of bodybuilding. Blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda you really only came here to look at pictures of her so here you go:

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