Britney Spears Dancing And Twirling In A Sexy Bikini Will Make Your Day So Much Better

Britney Spears just keeps getting better and better with age. Which is actually quite a statement considering just how awesome she was at the beginning of her career well over a decade ago.

Little did we know that after her legendary meltdown Brit-Brit would come back stronger and sexier than ever.

Who would have ever thought that at age 34 she’d still be killing it with a show in Vegas and looking this ridiculously good in a bikini?

Now she says that she posted this bikini video for all the haters? Not sure why. I think it’s definitely more appealing to all the Britney lovers, like well, me.

She also shared this video of herself having a little fun at a water park which was nice…

Of course this isn’t Britney Spears’ first rodeo when it comes to sharing bikini videos. She’s something of an expert at it by now.

This Throwback Thursday photo she shared yesterday isn’t too shabby either.

All hail Queen Britney.

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