Britney Spears Dancing And Twirling In A Sexy Bikini Will Make Your Day So Much Better

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My head is melting it's so hot in Vegas!!

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Britney Spears just keeps getting better and better with age. Which is actually quite a statement considering just how awesome she was at the beginning of her career well over a decade ago.

Little did we know that after her legendary meltdown Brit-Brit would come back stronger and sexier than ever.

Who would have ever thought that at age 34 she’d still be killing it with a show in Vegas and looking this ridiculously good in a bikini?

Now she says that she posted this bikini video for all the haters? Not sure why. I think it’s definitely more appealing to all the Britney lovers, like well, me.

Twirling for all the haters

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She also shared this video of herself having a little fun at a water park which was nice…

Cowabunga Vegas, Part 3 😎

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