Meet Brooke Evers, The Hot Blonde DJ Who Just Set Sail With Gronk’s Party Ship

Gronk’s Party Ship set sail out of Miami this morning, and onboard the ship was none other than Brooke Evers. Don’t know who Brooke is? She’s one of the DJ’s on the boat who’s spending her time on the cruise making sure the party is LiiTT and schmoozing with Gronk, Gronk’s family, Gronk’s famous friends…basically she’s killing it on the boat.

Oh, and she’s smoking hot too, but did you really need me to tell you that? Of course not – Brooke has over 400,000 Instagram followers, which you KNOW she didn’t get by being boring and droll.

So don’t get too jealous that you’re stuck at home jerking off into a sock when you could be on Gronk’s cruise, jerking off into…well, a sock still. Brooke most likely has higher standards than you, judging from her Insta:


[H/T Busted Coverage]