Captivating Kendall Jenner Has The Most Delicious Breasts

by 1 year ago
kendall jenner gq behind the scenes


Gorgeous Kendall Jenner posted a yummy photo on her Instagram.

Just look at those beauties.

I mean c’mon, they’re absolutely scrumptious.

All that warm cheesy goodness.

I’m talking about the pizza slices you pervs.

Now usually when a girl is called “pizza tits” it is not a compliment. But these are some delectable pizza tits. And the pepperoni nips are fantastic.

Kendall was also partying it up in a slinky dress or melted disco ball, I’m not quite sure which one. Sadly, there is no pizza on any of her body parts in these pics.

vintage Paris Hilton vibes

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told me the party was "bitchin"

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Still no pizza in sight.

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