Model Cara Delevingne Just Went And Shaved A Giant Chunk Of Her Hair Off And It Doesn’t Look Half Bad

You all know Cara Delevingne, right? The Victoria’s Secret model, the actress, the woman who basically does anything and everything under the sun in the entertainment industry (not including porn)? Well she just went and shaved a giant chunk of her hair off, and while you’d usually be right to assume that she looks like shit, she actually doesn’t.

See how her head is shaved on the underside? No? Okay here’s another photo:


Cara is probably one of the only girls out there that can pull this off without making me want to vomit in a nearby trashcan, so congrats to you Cara! Congrats for not making me vomit, which when you think about it isn’t that impressive since it’s not like I vomit a lot anyway.

[H/T MTV News, header image via Shutterstock]