Remember The Older Sister Carmen Cortez From ‘Spy Kids’? Well She’s 26 Now And SMOKING Hot

It’s been about 14 years since the first Spy Kids came out, and I remember 10-year-old me thought that Carmen Cortez was the most beautiful 12-year-old-but-really-a-13-year-old character to ever grace the silver screen.

But did you know that the actress who played Carmen, Alexa Vega, has grown up to become a total smokeshow? Of course you don’t know. You haven’t seen her since you were a child, because according to IMDB Alexa hasn’t been in anything anyone really cares about for a few years now:

Screenshot Via IMDB

… aside from maybe Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but considering it only grossed $13 mil in the United States I’d wager that most people didn’t care about that movie either despite it’s big-budget name. That’s all besides the point though, because Alexa is now 26 years old and while she’s way the hell outta our league (don’t lie to yourself, it just makes things worse), that doesn’t mean we can’t admire her from afar, can we? Of course not.

[Images via Instagram, header image via Youtube Screenshot]