Charissa Thompson Of Fox Sports 1 Showed Off Her SEXY Bikini Body Again

Charissa Thompson is the best sports reporter in the world. The best!

Am I wrong or is Charissa Thompson the only (American) sports reporter to consistently show off bikini pics on social media? I mean, I don’t see any of the Worldwide Leader’s reporters showing off their bikini bodies on Instagram. Heck, I don’t see ANY sports reporters other than Charissa Thompson doing it.

I wonder why that is? Is she just that much more confident in herself? She was a model once after all. Or has she been told to do it by her bosses at Fox Sports 1 because they know a good thing when they see it? (Never put anything past mega-media companies.) Whatever the reason I certainly appreciate that she does it.

It’s certainly working for her too, because right now, off the top of my head while looking at her bikini pictures I can’t name a single other sports reporter on the planet. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Also, as we learned a few weeks ago, she’s very, very flexible.

Best sports reporter in the world.