Chelsea Handler Tweeted A Picture Of Her Left Boob, If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

Chelsea Handler has got something called a “Town Hall” with Dave Grohl coming up this week on SiriusXM so in order to promote it she went the female pop star route of showing off her left tit.

Why? Maybe she felt left out of The Fappening? Who the hell knows? Of course we can’t show you Chelsea Handler’s left boob here, but this is better anyway and more than enough to spark that imagination of yours. Of course, if it isn’t, you can just visit her Twitter account for a better look.

Jeezus, Kathy Griffin’s always getting naked and now Chelsea Handler? Did I miss a memo telling women in comedy that they need to start being naked too? And if so, which funny lady do I want to see do it next is the real question. Hmmm… Any suggestions?

Chelsea Handler image by Featureflash/Shutterstock