Almost 63-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Looking HOT In A Bikini Never Ceases To Blow Our Minds

Christie Brinkley turns 63-years-old on February 2nd. Sixty-facking-three.

Last week she went on vacation with her family (including her hot 18-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook – more on her in a moment) to some tropical locale.

Unlike just about EVERY 63-year-old woman I know of, Christie decided that she’d bring some bikinis with her to wear on the beach.

I wonder, at what year in her life will I stop being amazed at how ridiculously sexy she looks? 75? 80? Never?

Here are some bonus pics of her FIRE daughter Sailor from the same vacation, just because I love you guys…

And some bonus pics of Christie because, SHE’S ALMOST 63-DAMN-YEARS-OLD, people!