61-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Killing It In A Bikini Simply Defies All Logic

I’m sorry if you’re tired of hearing this, but I am truly starting to believe that Christie Brinkley has some alien DNA or something in her system. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but how can any regular human being possibly look this hot in a bikini top at age 61? (62 in February.)

It just defies all of the laws of aging that we as humans have become accustomed to since, well, forever.

Every single time I see her I think there has to be some kind of sorcery going on or something. It just doesn’t compute in my tiny brain whatsoever.

Here’s a little reminder of some of the other bikini stuff we’ve seen from Brinkley just to mess with your brain even more.