Couple Caught Having Sex Atop Church Bell Tower Totally Didn’t Expect To Become Internet Famous But Here We Are

And the guy out flying his drone camera to capture some stock footage probably didn’t count on shooting a porno that day either, but again, here we are! This is 2016, and the future is now!

[protected-iframe id=”18b01885987ee010a3f17c8747993242-97886205-98225156″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

If you would’ve told me ten years ago that people would be using flying cameras to mistakenly capture other people having a good ol’ fashioned bang atop a church bell tower, I probably would’ve said, “Anything’s possible!” because I’m an optimist like that. Flash-forward to the present, and boom, I’m sure the Lord was all smiles looking down on this one. Just two lovers embracing upon some beautiful scenery on a lovely day. The full Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, if you catch my drift.

P.s.: their reactions when another tourist climbs up the steps is priceless. Even better that it was captured on film. The classic “shove your dick back in your pants and act like your just doing normal, tourist things too.” Couldn’t have played it any better. Nobody saw anything. Except the entire world via this drone footage, and, you know, God too, because he sees everything.

Guess that raises a good point, though. Like if he can see you having sex whenever, anywhere at anytime, is doing it atop a church bell tower really that bad of form!? Don’t answer that.

For what it’s worth, I’m not exactly sure where this all was filmed, but I will say it’s goddamn picturesque.

[via LiveLeak]