WAG Watch: Hottest Pics Of Maja Darving, Gorgeous 19-Year-Old Danish Model Who Cristiano Ronaldo Is Reportedly ‘Dating’


After Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with model Iryna Shayk he then moved on to model Alessia Tedeschi, and now he is apparently dating model Maja Darving (I’m noticing a very envious pattern here). Portuguese paper Correio Da Mahna is reporting that the Real Madrid’s star is dating the dazzling 19-year-old Danish model. “Dating,” you know what that means.

Apparently they met via social media and their “romance” dates back to a weekend together in Madrid back in August. Rumours swirled even more after she was spotted at Real Madrid’s Champions League match against Malmo last week.

Cristiano is a very, very lucky man.

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