Meet The Cuban Version Of Kim Kardashian Whose Butt Is WAY Better Than Kim’s

Life is full of bullshit and nonsense, but if there’s one thing that we as a society can all count on, it’s that Kim Kardashian has a giant butt. The apocalypse may come, North Korea may nuke us all to hell and McDonald’s may be getting rid of the Big Mac, but no matter what happens Kim’s butt will always be huge.



Kathy Ferreiro, the so-called Cuban version of Kim Kardashian, may just have a nicer butt than Kim.

Based out of Miami, Kathy is 21-years-old as opposed to Kim who is 34, and rather than being a reality television star who shot to fame due to a “leaked” sex tape with Ray J Kathy works as a distributor for a skin cosmetics firm. Sure that’s not nearly as glamorous, but we all gotta start somewhere, don’t we?

[Images via Instagram, H/T Daily Mail]