Daigno’s Le Koroc Solar-Powered Tiny Houseboat Is Perfect For Getting Off The Grid And Fishing

Do you just want to go sailing because it takes you away to where you’ve always heard it could be? Just a dream and the sun to carry you? Daigno’s new solar-powered Le Koroc houseboat is designed so you can get off the grid and be free.

The Daigno Le Koroc is a handcrafted three-float pontoon houseboat is made for tiny home enthusiasts and minimalists who don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever. Let your sense of exploration go wild as the sun powers this tiny houseboat. But don’t let this tiny boat fool you, it has all the necessary amenities you would want including a propane two-burner cooktop, refrigerator, self-contained toilet, two dinettes, a double bed, small storage spaces, and a deck with a grill. There’s also a 56-liter fresh water tank, 6-gallon water heater, and a charcoal-based gray water filtration system.

There’s even a live-fish tank! This is definitely geared towards the consummate fisherman, offering a cleaning station, fishing rod holders, and a downrigger.

The Le Koroc is 26-feet-long and 8-feet, 6-inches wide. At only 5,640 pounds, the Le Koroc is light enough to be towed by a medium-sized pickup truck or SUV. You can purchase the optional four-wheel, two-axle galvanized trailer with hydraulic disc brakes for $5,000. The Quebec-based Daigno sells this tiny houseboat for $61,000. Stop living in one boring spot all your life, get out there and live your best life by exploring and fishing.