Can You Guess Which Star From Disney Channel’s ‘Even Stevens’ Just Graduated College And Became SMOKING Hot To Boot?

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Even Stevens only lasted 3 years on the Disney Channel, and yet it’s one of those shows everyone born in the 90’s remembers, regardless of whether they actually watched it or not. So when I say that I’ve never seen a single episode of Even Stevens but still know exactly who Christy Carlson Romano is, I mean it — but mostly I remember her because she got hot. Here’s Christy on Even Stevens as Ren Stevens:

And now here’s Christy as herself, a 2015 graduate of Barnard College. Sure sure, she’s 31 years old and technically well above the “typical” age people tend to graduate college at — but who cares? All that means is that she took 8 victory laps (meaning it took her 12 years to graduate):

Wearing my favorite shirt to bed tonight. #notamorningperson

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