Disney Hottie Dove Cameron Stole The Show, Presented With Gronk At The Kids’ Choice Awards

I assume that most of you reading this didn’t catch the Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon over the weekend. If you did, well, good for you, I guess. You must have children.

For the rest of the people who had better things to do, you missed out on Disney Channel hottie Dove Cameron. Funny that a Disney star would be the hottest thing going on a Nickelodeon show, but that’s definitely what happened on this night.

Making it even better is the fact that not only was Cameron, the star of the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie, the best thing about the show, she even got to present alongside Bro King extraordinaire Ron Gronkowski.

Let’s see, Gronk is 26, Cameron is 20… yeah, she’s definitely in his wheelhouse. I’d have given anything to be a fly on the wall when those two first met. Bet he was spittin’ game like no other.

Gronk was even sporting a sleek new haircut complete with a line shaved into the side of his head. No way Cameron could turn away a guy with that sweet lettuce, right?

Anyway, that’s not really why you came here. This is…

No way she could possibly resist the Gronkness, right? How could she when partying with him looks so awesome?