OMG Eliza Dushku Looks Mighty Fine In Boston Celtics Green

Boston native Eliza Dushku was courtside on Friday evening to watch her Celtics take on the Washington Wizards. Better yet, they hooked her up with her own customized Celtics jersey, so any time she’s in the house, people will know it. It’s safe to say she looks good in Boston green…or literally anything for that matter.


Wowza. So, I’ve been in love with this girl since that bikini scene in The New Guy. Maybe I used this blog solely so I could re-post that monumental piece of cinema history. Eliza Dushku is just a total babe, no other way to put it. In case you need a reminder…

*Mouth open, jaw dropped*

Bros…she even uses “fuego” like I do. Seriously, look at every “Fire Burning on the Dance Floor” article I’ve ever written!


Maybe we’re meant to be, even if she is a Celtics fan?

One thing is clear though, and it’s that Eliza Dushku brought the good luck for the 1-3 Boston Celtics tonight, as they bested the Washington Wizards for their second win of the season.