Emily Ratajkowski And Alessandra Ambrosio Dominated The ‘Leather & Laces’ Super Bowl Party

Every year at the Super Bowl there is an event called the “Leather & Laces” party and it’s pretty much what it sounds like. People comes dressed up in leather and lace and to be quite honest no one gives a crap about the lace.

Why? All you have to do is take a look at these sizzling pics of superdupermodels Emily Ratajkowski and Alessandra Ambrosio to know two things: (1) leather is where it’s at (that’s why I threw the word “dominated” in the headline – leather… dominatrix stuff… you get it.) And (2) how do we all get an invite to this thing next year and every year thereafter?

No wonder Steve Mariucci was so excited to get a hug from Ambrosio during the NFL Network’s pre-Super Bowl coverage. Just like crossing a line off your bucket list.

Also of note: Alessandra Ambrosio is a freaking mother of two. How much would you like to attend those PTA meetings at her kids’ school?

Because of that dream scenario, let’s begin with her…

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