Emily Ratajkowski Flashes The Camera Without Wearing A Bra And Yes, You Can TOTALLY See Everything

Hot shit talk of the town fashion model Emily Ratajkowski is back in a clip from photographer Dean Freeman’s Candy shoot, and she finally gives us what we’ve been waiting for: tasteful nudity in a classy atmosphere.

Translation: she flashes the camera while dancing around a pool, because “art.”

Unfortunately we can’t show you the video here because we don’t host nudity on the site. No, not even Emily Ratajkowski topless sort of nudity. We host dildos, shots of chicks wearing almost non-existent thongs and fight videos, but nipples? NO WAY JOSE, WE HAVE STANDARDS.

So if you’re interested in watching this video (which you should be, otherwise why did you click?), go ahead and click HERE to head to High Snobiety.

[Via High Snobiety]