Emily Ratajkowski Is Just Rubbing It In Our Faces That Winter In Los Angeles Is Awesome

Bros, let me tell you about today’s weather in New York City. It’s shitty. Like, super shitty. It warmed up to a whole 36 degrees overnight and its down raining steady. Cold, hard January rain. Rain that so desperately wants to be snow, but the rest of the atmosphere is just like “NOPE! Fuck you, water molecules that want to freeze.” The type of rain that Bob Dylan sang about. And it’s gray. And everyone is wearing black coats and simmering chili to watch during football games this afternoon, indoors. You’re a fool to want to go outside in this weather.

But in California? Sunny, breezy. A moderate 70 degrees, which means you can rock short sleeves in the sun. Pretty much a slice a heaven. As a way of rubbing it in our faces that L.A. is awesome during the winter and wherever you are sucks, Emily Ratajkowski tweeted out some real teasing bikini pics. Cruel, Ratajkowski. So cruel.



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