Mesmerizing Emily Ratajkowski Has An Incredibly Chic Fashion Sense (She Showed Off Her Boobies In A Dress)

I may not be a so-called “fashionista,” but I do know that the stunning Emily Ratajkowski is really, really good fashion.

Like, look at this outfit. The top and the boots match perfectly.

Look at that swimwear print. It’s daring, but yet safe.

Bask in this ensemble. That sunglass lens match the bathing suit. So inspiring!

This outfit screams, “I’m patriotic, but I also have a great ass!”

The stylish simplicity of sweatpants with pockets. Love it!

The top of this bikini matches the bottoms! C’est magnifique!

Why just have a necklace when you can have a titlace!

She uses her hair as her bra! Revolutionary!

When a shark bites a large portion of your dress, but you’re late for the ball.

On Friday night, the gorgeous Emily attended the Harper’s BAZAAR celebration of Icons party in New York City. The 25-year-old wore a dress that fashion insiders call “plunging.” I call it, “I’ve got great tits so I’m going to show it off because my gazongas ain’t gonna be this perky forever.”

A goddamn fashion icon right there.