Emily Ratajkowski In Sexy Bridal Lingerie Makes For The HOTTEST Future Wife Ever

Emily Ratajkowski in lingerie is chicken soup for the soul.

Emily Ratajkowski is not married so feel free to look at her wearing bridal lingerie here and imagine being engaged to her. Go ahead, it’s cool. We encourage positive daydreaming here.

There are very few thoughts in this world more positive than the thought of being engaged to someone like Emily Ratajkowski. Doesn’t matter that we’ve never actually met her. Or know what kind of person she is. Is there a single heterosexual man among us who wouldn’t marry Emily Ratajkowski tomorrow if she asked? If there is, perhaps you need to watch the video below more than once.

By the way, I love the video’s description, “Two hearts meet, they get to know each other, they fall in love, they exchange a promise. A ‘yes’ that means ‘forever.’ We intimately know the bride and dedicate this white light to her, the secret of the lace…” That’s some Gronk-level-erotica shit right there.

I knew she owned a bra.