Farrah Abraham Is Now Writing a Christian Parenting Book

Write a Christian parenting book! Of course!

Abraham, who has already published a memoir and is currently scribing a 50 Shades of Grey-esque novel, announced on Couples Therapy that she plans to write a book of advice on bringing kids up the Godly way. Abraham once waxed and tweezed her three-year-old's unibrow.

From the Fishwrapper:

Farrah announced on the most recent episode of “Couples Therapy” that following her sex book trilogy, a Christian parenting book is going to hit shelves before long.

So to recap — Farrah Abraham’s launching a sex toy line complete with plastic vagina casts, writing some “50 shades” type sex fiction, and then penning a Christian parenting book.


The news would drive the next David Foster Wallace to hang himself 20 years early. And again, a reminder: Abraham's line of personalized rubber vaginas will be released later this month.

[H/T: The Superficial]